Table Sessions

The Table Sessions are a series of dinners conceived and hosted by the residents together with artist and cook Michelle Woods. We see these dinners as a lively and social way of sharing work, ideas and experiences during the residency, beyond conventional presentation formats. The dinners usually take place in the refectory of the former monastery. Depending on the format, they are public or semi-public. Each resident can invite external guests who have a relevant link with their research or…

Studio Sessions

The Studio Sessions make up the core of our visitors programme. We regularly invite artists and people working in the arts to the residency house. They can choose to do individual studio visits or collective conversations around the living room table. Most of our guests are developing or presenting work that inspires reflection among the current group of residents. This programme is not public, so as to allow for direct and personal exchanges.

Here is an overview of the past studio guests:

City Sessions

The City Sessions are field trips in and around Antwerp, during which we explore the city and its museums, galleries, artist initiatives and other places of interest. Residents are introduced to people working in the arts and the spaces they shape. The programme largely follows the current exhibition calendar, but also pays attention to historical places and less visible actors. Residents thus get a look behind the scenes of and direct contacts with the field, and more insight into and…