MORPHO is a non-profit organisation dedicated to artistic development. We give time, space and resources to artists by providing residencies and studios, with the aim of fostering a dynamic and sustainable context for artistic work.

As a studio provider, we rent out workspaces in a growing number of buildings in and around the city of Antwerp. We currently manage studios in 14 buildings for more than 200 users. We focus on maintenance and affordability and actively participate in debates on studio policy. With a visitor's programme for curators and open studio days for a wider audience, we bring our diverse studio occupants - from visual artists, musicians, writers, designers, costume makers to furniture makers - into the limelight.

As an artist residency, we organise different types of residencies focusing on local development (via open call) and international exchange (depending on the partner). We annually host around 20 residents from Belgium and abroad whom we support in their projects and trajectories. The programme consists of weekly collective sessions guided by our artistic team and professional guests. Residents receive financial, practical and artistic support to develop their work in an environment that encourages dialogue and experimentation.

The residency house is located behind the Zoo and Antwerp Central Station, where the organisation also has its offices. The adjacent former monastery houses the residency studios, our project space in the old refectory, and the artists' garden we share with our partner Kunsthal Extra City. We are structurally supported by the city of Antwerp (since 2008) and the Flemish government (since 2023).

General director
Greet Vlegels
email, +32 (0)3 288 82 23

Artistic director
Caroline Dumalin
email, on maternity leave from 3 May to 17 August 2023

Studio coordinator
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Artistic coordinator
Lina Ejdaa
email, +32 (0)3 288 82 23

Financial coordinator
Ingrid Van Samang
email, +32 (0)3 288 82 23

Building manager
Philippe Verdonckt
email, +32 (0)474 56 48 77

Elizabeth Nanor

Board of directors

Manu Claeys, Natalie Gielen, Wim Peeters, Laure Prouvost, Petra Van Brabandt (president), Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert and Guy Woueté

Outgoing members: Seppe Jespers and Bruno Spaas

Artistic council

Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Julia Dahee Hong, Helen Dowling, Angie Keefer and Tomasz Kowalski

Grégory Castéra, Marnie Slater, Michiel Vandevelde, Guy Woueté and Joanna Zielińska

Visual identity and website design
Andreas Depauw and Steven Holsbeeks

Website development
Bureau Marnef