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Zinaïda Tchelidze


Zinaïda Tchelidze often starts from a specific subject or a way of working, and then carefully selects her materials and techniques – whether they are found objects such as a book collection or self-made. She goes far in her research and works closely with craftsmen, musicians, scientists or other artists. Currently, her attention is focused on performance and the feast as a collective endeavour, the sum of various experiences, memories and desires.

Zinaïda Tchelidze (1983, Tbilisi, Georgia) lives and works in Brussels. She holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels (2010). Recent exhibitions include Le Complexe de Rivoli, Galerie Rivoli, Brussels (2020); Fried Patterns, Vanderborght Building, Brussels; Transhumance, CENTRALE for contemporary art, Brussels (both 2019).

Her residency was organised in collaboration with Air Antwerpen and Artistes en résidence, Clermont-Ferrand.


01.10.2020 – 31.12.2020 (Antwerp)
01.06.2021 – 31.07.2021 (Clermont-Ferrand)