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Karen  Moser


1988, lives and works in Bern, Switzerland and Antwerp, Belgium

Karen Moser’s rather conceptual work can be considered as a conversation with its environment, which is shaped by spatial, temporal, social and political parameters. In her practice, Moser reacts on specific situations and conventions. The formed or borrowed objects relate characteristically to an echo that reformulates words, or a parasite, which is analyzing the conditions of its existence.

Karen Amanda Moser made her BA in Fine Arts in Bern and her MA at Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp. Karen Moser was invited for the following solo exhibitions (a selection): A grain of sand as an island, Spaceburo, Antwerp, 2016; Estimated Position, Lokal-int, Biel, 2016. Her works were also shown in the following group exhibitions: Borg Biennal, Antwerp, 2016; Nothing Really, Stadtgalerie Bern, 2015; Aeschlimann/Corti Stipend, Kunstmuseum Thun, 2015; Bern baby Bern!, Kunstmuseum Thun, 2015; Unsere geteilte Aufmerksamkeit, Diploma exhibition, Kunsthaus Langenthal, 2014.

Karen Moser is invited to participate in the third edition of STRT Kit.


01.17 - 12.17