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© Darcy Bennett
© Darcy Bennett


Darcey  Bennett


°1990, Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

Wild Card winner 2015. The jury was composed of curators Alan Quireyns (Air Antwerpen) and Caroline Dumalin (WIELS, Brussels) and visual artists Nel Aerts and Wim Catrysse.

After a two-day evaluation of all master projects in visual arts at KASK and Sint Lucas Antwerp, an independent jury unanimously chose Darcey Bennett as the winner of the second edition of the STRT Schot prize. The jury was impressed by Bennett's finely crafted installation that translates the timeless mechanisms of tragedy to a contemporary crime scene. Bennett's presentation stood out for its distinct and thoughtful elaboration, both in terms of the underlying ideas and the final form. Tragic by Accident (Off Stage) is a rhapsodic work that relies as much on contextual research as visual intuition. To that extent, it testifies to the great potential of this newly graduated artist from the InSitu³ department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Darcey Bennett can use a workspace for one year and MORPHO organised his exhibition Sklaven (1-7) in the projectspace.




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