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Aurélie Bayad


Aurélie Bayad is a photographer based in Antwerp. Voyeurism is a recurring topic in Bayad’s work. In some cases, she is the subject herself, in other cases she is the voyeur behind her camera. The spectator becomes part of the intimacy that is captured in the picture or video. In this intimate setting she also manages to display a certain roughness. Voyeurism, intimacy and internet-reality without editing, without trepidation, characterize Bayad’s work.

Aurélie Bayad (1994, France) obtained her bachelor’s degree in photography and visual arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Her work has been shown in the following exhibitions (a selection): Dream of Venus, In de ruimte, Ghent, 2019; Biennale van België, Ghent, 2019; Look at me baby, I’m yours, Brussels, 2019; Bad Art Video, Moscow, 2019; 3hd Festival, Berlin, 2018; Nightwatch, Fomu, Antwerp, 2017.

Her residency was organised in collaboration with Air Antwerpen and MeetFactory, Prague.


01.01.2020 — 30.06.2020 (Antwerp)
01.04.2021 — 30.06.2021 (Prague)