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Anna Housiada


Anna Housiada is a research-based artist whose practice focuses on gestures that stimulate political reflection. Her work consists of writings and archives, as well as participatory installations and scripted events, that have a potential of fostering historical, critical and political engagement. She likes to look at communities as ecosystems and explore the dynamics of the relations within them. Using methodological tools grounded on interdependence, collective production of knowledge, cross-cultural exchange, participation and critical distance, she attempts to address the question of how art can help people occupy the present more effectively.

Anna Housiada (1990, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Brussels. She holds an Integrated Master’s degree from Athens School of Fine Art (2017) and an Advanced Master’s of Research in Art and Design from St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp (2020).

Her residency was organised in collaboration with Air Antwerpen and the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp.


01.08.2020 – 31.10.2020