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Scenery Scenario


Gardens are meant for cultivation, display and enjoyment of nature, but most of all show that we are in control. They are proof of the beautiful contradiction that the organic can very well be planned. Combined with elegantly designed support structures, such as fences, shrines, poles and ponds, nature lives up to its highest ornamental potential.

For the exhibition 'Scenery Scenario', the artists, Max van Loon, Shanna Huijbregts, Lotte Werkema & Bobbi Cleij, had a look at the man made objects that make a garden, treated plants as characters and searched for the practical function of ornaments. Over the past months Belmonte Arboretum (Wageningen), Middelheim (Antwerp), La Villette (Paris), Graafse Akker (Den Bosch), De Munt (Dordrecht) and MORPHO’s Monastery garden served as testing grounds for an exhibition that shows organic growth, slightly in control.

To close the group exhibition, the participating artists will organise a Garden Tournament and Closing Party with DJ Celine Meulemans on Saturday 29 July from 7.30pm to 11pm in the Monastery Garden. Inspired by traditional garden games, you will move from one game to the next in the hope of emerging victorious and taking home the coveted Garden Tournament trophy. This tournament is part of Kunsthal Extra City's summer program 'Zomer in de Kloostertuin'. See the full program here.

‘Scenery Scenario’ is part of the Apprentice Master program, an initiative led by Kunstpodium T. This program brings together a group of recently graduated artists with a mentor, an artist that has been active in the field for a long time. This group of artists has artist Willem de Haan as their mentor. Through regular gatherings, these artists actively participate in an exchange of ideas, practices and experiences, collaborating with their mentor towards the realization of their final group exhibition.

This exhibition at MORPHO is being carried out in collaboration with Kunstpodium T.


Max van Loon, Shanna Huijbregts, Lotte Werkema, Bobbi Cleij & Willem de Haan


Opening: Friday 7 July, 7-10pm
Open: Thu–Fri, 1–7pm & Sat–Sun, 11am–6pm

  • Saturday 29 July, 7:30pm - 11pm, garden games & closing party
  • Sunday 30 July, 11am - 6pm, the last day to visit the exhibition

MORPHO (The Refectory),
Opening: entrance via Ploegstraat 25
During opening hours: entrance via Kunsthal Extra City (provinciestraat 112)