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Open Office


Inspired by its Brussels-born edition, detheatermaker, RATAPLAN, Mestizo Arts Platform, Monty, Het Bos, Morpho and wpZimmer join forces to introduce Open Office to new spheres. Open Office connects a set of art professionals to artists in a gathering that invites for peer-learning and co-working in an open and informal setting.

Navigating the art world today may at times feel overwhelming, discouraging and like being lost in translation. Open Office is a way to provide a space where artists can seek guidance from experienced professionals within the industry - be it with questions on your artistic practice, financial management, administrative tasks or you’re simply in need to connect with like-minded individuals in the search for a supportive network.

Once every month, Open Office invites you to be part of our micro-community of artists and professionals - as we navigate insights and strategies that will help you navigate the scene with more ease. The next session will be planned on April 17th, between 14h00 and 17h00 at wpZimmer (Gasstraat 90, 2060 Antwerp). Join us with your questions (in English, Dutch, French), or simply join as you are - the organic set-up of the gathering will most likely inspire rising questions.

Don’t forget to register (for free) through this link:

Upcoming dates and locations

17/04/2023: wpZimmer
22/05/2023: Mestizo Arts Platform
17/07/2023: MORPHO & Kunsthal Extra City
18/09/2023: Het Bos
16/10/2023: Rataplan
20/11/2023: Monty
18/12/2023: hetpaleis