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Falke Pisano, Where Should We Begin?

Studio Sessions

Residency programme

The Studio Sessions make up the core of our visitors programme. We regularly invite artists and people working in the arts to the residency house. They can choose to do individual studio visits or collective conversations around the living room table. Most of our guests are developing or presenting work that inspires reflection among the current group of residents. They include MORPHO's artistic advisors, who select and then follow up with the artists in residence that applied through the open call. This programme is not public, so as to allow for direct and personal exchanges.

Here is an overview of the past sessions:

05.02.2022 • Ghita Skali

Ghita Skali, artist based in Amsterdam, participated in the exhibition Made in X at Kunsthal Extra City. Her work brings to light an underground transport economy that connects Morocco to numerous places in Europe, mediated by the transportation of verbena tea leaves to the museum.

09.02.2022 • Michelle Woods

Michelle Woods, artist and cook based in Antwerp, takes care of our Table Sessions. She has experimented in fashion, art performance, food history, and research, and now she looks to bring these ingredients together.

25.02.2022 • Falke Pisano

Falke Pisano, artist based in Berlin, is M HKA’s Superhost in 2022, a programme that invests in a year-long relationship between an artist and the museum. Her project is titled Where Should We Begin? Producing value, resisting value and giving value in institutional context, through labour, speculation, (in)visibility and narrative.

30.03.2022 • Julia Dahee Hong

Julia Dahee Hong, artist based in Amsterdam, is a former resident and current member of the artistic advisory board at MORPHO. Her multidisciplinary practice explores emotional labour through notions of hospitality, value systems and privilege.

18.05.2022 • Willem de Haan

Willem de Haan, artist based in Antwerp, questions how we perceive things by revisiting scenarios or objects from everyday life. He removes these structures from their context, directing attention to their absurdity, individuality and functionality.

08.06.2022 • Koi Persyn

Koi Persyn, curator and artist based in Brussels, founded and co-curated the three-year residency STOCK at Het Paviljoen in Ghent. His curated projects focus on process, experimental and interdisciplinary practice within collaborative and site-specific exhibitions and programmes.


Toon Fibbe, Helena Kritis, Joachim Naudts, Guy Woueté, Angels Miralda, Marina Pinsky, Joanna Zielińska, Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Michiel Vandevelde, Tautvydas Urbelis, Marnie Slater, Sorana Munsya, Viktorija Rybakova, Helen Dowling, Gregory Castéra, Sirah Foighel Brutmann


Priya Shetty, Harald Thys, Marina Pinsky, Ksenia Galiaeva, Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide), Zinaïda Tchelidze, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello, Laurens Otto, Grégory Castéra, Marnie Slater, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Joanna Zielińska