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Lucy McKenzie at La Verrière, Image: Isabelle Arthuis
Lucy McKenzie at La Verrière, Image: Yann Chateigné Tytelman
Ann Veronica Jannsens at Micheline Szwajcer, Image: Jeannette Slütter
Groepement at Otty Park, Image: Caroline Dumalin (artwork by Yannick Ganseman)
Museum Plantin Moretus, Image: Julia Dahee Hong
Sven Augustijnen at M HKA, Image: Caroline Dumalin


City Sessions

Residency programme

The City Sessions are field trips in and around Antwerp, during which we explore the city and its museums, galleries, artist initiatives and other places of interest. Residents are introduced to people working in the arts and the spaces they shape. The programme largely follows the current exhibition calendar, but also pays attention to historical places and less visible actors. Residents thus get a look behind the scenes of and direct contacts with the field, and more insight into and connection with the surrounding urban context.

Here is a selection from the past years:


Base Alpha, Micheline Szwajcer, Everyday Gallery, Otty Park, Fred & Ferry (Galleries in Antwerp), La Verrière, Komplot & SB34 (Exhibitions in Brussels), KMSKA - Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Museums in Antwerp), Atelier FAAR (Artists' initiatives in Antwerp), a.pass (Post-graduate programmes in Brussels)


Office Baroque, Micheline Szwajcer, Otty Park (Galeries in Antwerpen), M HKA – Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, MAS, Kunsthal Extra City (Musea in Antwerpen), Out of Sight (Kunstenaarsinitiatieven in Antwerpen)


Base Alpha, Micheline Szwajcer, Everyday Gallery, Otty Park (Galeries in Antwerpen), Museum Plantin Moretus (Musea in Antwerpen)