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Doctoral research Geography of the Senses website sketches
Skinship series (2018), unglazed black ceramics and earthenware
Installation image depicting twin brothers listening to the sound piece Skinship (2017) that explores sensorial life inside the womb
Oo, a preview (2013)
El Plástico, the Sun that lives inside the Rock (2020, Bom Dia Books)
Doctoral research Geography of the Senses website sketches


Viktorija Rybakova


Viktorija Rybakova is a research based artist and designer, working with visual, somatic and literary practices. Investigating how to translate emotions into image and text, her work navigates the subject of sensing body (the self/being) and its affective relation to its environment. Through this research, which is called "Geography of the Senses", she is testing the methods of co-creating immersive audio narratives and practicing collective imagining. During the residency she will write exploratory texts and design the research website.

Viktorija exhibited internationally and was awarded the Grand Prix in Tallinn Print Triennial in 2013. In 2022 she enrolled as PhD student at LUCA School of Arts and in 2016/17 she was a fellow at Jan Van Eyck Academie. She originally studied architecture and worked in the field of exhibition design. In 2018/20 she co-created with graphic designer G. Budvytyte under the name laumes. laumes published their artistic research “El Plastico, the Sun that lives inside the Rock” (2020, Bom Dia Books) and made graphic identities for Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Kunstinstituut Melly.


01.08.2022 - 30.09.2022