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Pierre Antoine Vettorello


Pierre Antoine Vettorello’s work focuses on using textile design and garments as a base for storytelling. He creates sculptural and statement silhouettes embodying militancy, hostility and poetry. Some are inspired by machines of defense, objects of daily use, textiles and fabrics from West Africa, techniques gathered during travels and workshops. As a designer, he strives to include hand-made techniques and out-of-use objects in the making of garments and shapes in order to place them in the center of his work. As a human being and as a researcher, he is questioning our own relation towards our sartorial history and how we create myths around ‘designers’ in Western societies imitating colonial patterns. He identifies how we perceive and extract inspiration from the African continent and how we globally create borders between what is fashion and what is not.

Pierre Antoine Vettorello (1985, Bordeaux, France) is a French-Ivorian textile and fashion designer who lives and works in Brussels. Since he graduated from the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (2010), he designed collections that explored and developed techniques of crafts in domains such as weaving, embroidery and printing to create his own narrative. He recently graduated with an Advanced Masters’ of Research in Art and Design at Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp (2020). Vettorello is currently conducting research on decolonial perspectives in textile and fashion, working on revealing alternative narratives and genealogies comprised and hidden in the Western history of fashion.

His residency was organised in collaboration with Air Antwerpen and the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design at St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp.


01.01.2021 – 31.03.2021