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© Matthias Yzebaert
© Matthias Yzebaert


Miguel Angel Montoya


°1983, Bogota, Colombia. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Winner Wild Card 2018. The jury was composed of curators Alan Quireyns (AIR Antwerpen) and Sam Watson (Drop City) and visual artists Koba De Meutter and Sanam Khalibi.

Central to his installations, sculptures and work on paper is a search for the origins of identity. His works can be seen as a patchwork of quotations from different eras and backgrounds, brought together in a contemporary context. In his work, the jury recognized a representation of the investigation of what the local can mean today.

Miguel Angel Montoya works with sculpture, drawings, installations and interventions and graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in the in-situ3 department.

Miquel Angel Montoya receives mentoring and a production budget of 2000 euros and MORPHO included his work in a group exhibition during Antwerp Art Weekend 2019.




Wild Card