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© Karina Beumer
© Elias Cafmeyer


Elias Cafmeyer


° 1990, lives and works in Antwerp

Wild Card winner 2017. The jury was composed of curators Alan Quireyns (AIR Antwerpen) and Laura Herman (La Loge) and visual artists Tom Volkaert and Marina Pinsky.

Although the work 'Untitled (Viaduct)' - a cut-out of a bridge connecting Block B and C - has a monumental character, the jury noted that the installation subtly occupies space without drawing attention to itself. Many visitors walk under the bridge as if the bridge had always been there. It is an observation that points to the clever and refined way in which the bridge was installed: an architectural volume that is there, but at the same time is fully integrated into the environment. Moreover, the bridge is not only an indispensable infrastructure within the urban fabric, but also an image that evokes the need to build bridges in a diverse city. In this way, Elias succeeds in connecting his interest in urban space with social issues." (Laura Herman)

Elias Cafmeyer graduated in visual arts from Sint Lucas, Antwerp.

Elias Cafmeyer can use a workspace in one of the buildings managed by MORPHO for one year. In the framework of the Antwerp Art Weekend 2018 and with the support of MORPHO, Elias Cafmeyer creates a new site - specific installation for this space 'Grande Inauguration du Nouveau Métropolitain Anversois'.




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