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Bugs Bunny

Artist Portrait

Writer and visual artist Maarten Inghels had a rather confusing conversation with musician and performer Liesa Van der Aa, about the necessity of creation and the problem of being misunderstood.


Mozart sounds like a Bambi that leaps up from the flowers,
so my plucking at my violin strings sounds like stocking feet,
don’t you see? A bit cute. It is crazy that we are only meeting one another now.
            Do you understand that I am a scared rabbit
in the headlights of a Citroën car, an hysterically controlled Citroën
with false eyelashes, driving to Hoboken. Hoboken,
where I sometimes take the ferry to the other side, in order to think.
Do you understand that I have been working independently for 12 years,
at a rather adorable, endearing level,
            and whoever understands, understands.
In the depth of the night, the fox pricks up his ears. That was Mozart again.
            Or wasn’t it? Do you see what I am trying to do?
            Wait, I am going to put my sunglasses back on.
It is about the systems, how we relate to one another.
            Who puts whom, and what place, into a duel.
What I make is perhaps difficult to understand. There has
only been a single review, but I remain calm. I work
together with the best ninjas. I am in love with my people.
            (The sunglasses come off again in a half-hearted motion.)
I am surrounded by a group around the table, you understand.
            Will you join us sometime?
How the concept, composition and image relate to one another in a DNA.
I am trying now to become a specialist. You have to see Pasolini. Baloji.
My film has won some prizes at the cute level.
            A single review by Els Van Steenberghe in the Knack.
            Everything is all very endearing, Bugs Bunny cute.
            For me, cute means sincere and naughty.
European jazz is cute. Mozart is cute, and cannot tolerate nerves.
I am a bit sad. I am not finishing my sentences.
            But where should I go, and when?


Maarten Inghels is a writer and studio occupant with MORPHO at RAAT.


Liesa Van der Aa is a musical artist and studio occupant with MORPHO at Wolkammerij.


Mari Shields