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Last summer in the monastery garden


MORPHO and Kunsthal Extra City's shared garden has had many lives and users. The garden has been restored and revitalised by the artists who today occupy studios in the monastery. Inspired by the collective engagement that characterises this enclosed green oasis, MORPHO invited the current garden keepers to host a series of public events. In this way, new perspectives are added to a historic site that increasingly aspires to be a vibrant place for art and culture in the city.

Eline De Clercq — Learning About Plants (04.07 & 28.08.2021)

Artist Eline De Clercq will give a guided tour in the enclosed Gesamthof in the monastery garden, an artist run garden project with an emphasis on ecology, art and lgbtqi+ activism. During this tour, she will discuss the various aspects that are important in creating a green environment, from botanical archaeology to climate change awareness.
In early 2019, Eline moved into her studio in the former monastery, adjacent to the garden. Drawing on her interest in plants and ecology, she soon began working in the then feral courtyard. By weeding, exposing the soil, discovering old plants and adding new ones, she created the garden as it is today.

Anna Housiada — Bring a dish and a story (11.07.2021)

With Bring a dish and a story, artist Anna Housiada invites visitors to a potluck lunch in the monastery garden. Each participant will bring a dish that reflects an experience of his/her cultural identity, slide at the table and share their own story with the rest of the attendees.
Anna Housiada is a research-based artist whose practice focuses on gestures that encourage political reflection. She was artist in residence at MORPHO from August to October 2020. Bring a dish and a story is part of her artistic research on cultural identity and the constructions of national narratives, starting from the history of Greek cuisine.

Ilan Manouach — Shapereader (31.07 & 28.08.2021)

Multidisciplinary artist Ilan Manouach has organized a number of workshops in recent years in which he has been working with Shapereader, a tactile communication system in which he translates music into tactile text. His target audience are people with visual impairments. He was artist in residence at MORPHO from April to June 2021.
During a short residency at MORPHO, musicians Joachim Badenhorst, Elisabeth Klinck, Manu Louis and Amina Osmanu will work with Manouach's installation. The musicians use the installation to create a new score and conclude their residency period with a short presentation.

Saplab & Helena Sanders — And it appears to us in the dew between the thorns (25.07.2021)

For the performance And it appears to us in the dew between the thorns SAPLAB (Anne Marie Sampaio, Paz Ortúzar, Lucy Cordes Engelman and Helena Sanders) are inspired by writings of female and queer mystics from the Middle Ages. As an audience, you are invited to participate in a ritual that combines text recitations, objects, choreography and improvised movements. Paz Ortúzar was artist in residence at MORPHO from April to August 2021.

Irina Jasnowski Pascual — Mystical Movie (04.09.2021)

Artist Irina Jasnowski Pascual presents Mystical Movie, her latest film that is midway between the documentation of an event and a narrative. The film is set simultaneously on Manahatta Island in the 1600s, present-day Manhattan, Lake Geneva in the early 18th century and an unspecified location in non-time. Mystical Movie is actually a sound work disguised as a film. For although there is no dialogue, sound still plays the leading role. Irina was artist in residence at MORPHO from April to June 2021.

Anne Kluytenaar & Michelle Woods — The Restore-rant (29.08 & 05.09.2021)

Anne Kluytenaar & Michelle Woods welcome you to The Restore-rant in MORPHO's residency house. They invite participants to lie, sit, spit and breathe, bathe, listen, yawn and think, talk, look, touch, smell, taste, stretch, laugh, cry, dream.... The term restaurant is derived from the French verb restaurer ("to restore", "to revive"). A restaurant, as defined in the 16th century, was considered a place where a "strengthening food or remedy" that "restores strength" could be consumed. Anne and Michelle were artists in residence at MORPHO from April to August 2021.


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