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A new name, and more...


Studio Start now goes by the name of MORPHO. This name change goes hand in hand with an expansion of our operations and support to artists. We continue to offer more than 200 artists workspace in Antwerp. In addition, MORPHO focuses on an international residency programme: every year we receive about 20 artists from Belgium and abroad, with whom we develop long-term relationships and trajectories. As an organisation, we focus entirely on artistic development.

With the new name, we want to emphasise transformation as a promise to remain attentive and responsive to the dynamic and needs of artistic communities. From the conviction and experience that they can mutually reinforce each other, MORPHO connects a studio and a residency programme. Offering space to artists in the city and talent development go hand in hand. This ever-growing artistic network is a great strength on which we build. MORPHO also refers to the cyclical approach of the artistic programme with a new open call and focus every eighteen months.

The studios of MORPHO offer space and connect different artistic practices in and around the city. Through a visitor programme with international curators and open studios for a wider public, we bring more than 200 individuals and collectives - ranging from visual artists, writers and designers to furniture makers - into the limelight. We currently manage fourteen buildings, which will be opened on Sunday 15 May as part of 'Atelier in Beeld', and actively participate in discussions about studio policy.

MORPHO now welcomes applications for New Comfort Zones, a programme that invites artists and researchers in residence to explore the dynamics and conventions of our personal and institutional relationships. Candidates can apply for two different types of residencies: development (a five-month residency for artists in and around Antwerp) and research (a two-month residency for writers, curators and other art-oriented researchers in Belgium). In addition, international artists are invited in collaboration with partner organisations and each year we award a Wild Card residency to a graduating artist in Antwerp.

Caroline Dumalin comes on board as artistic director and forms the management team together with Greet Vlegels. Artists Laure Prouvost and Guy Woueté, philosopher and lecturer Petra Van Brabandt and gallerist Wim Peeters join architects Bruno Spaas and Seppe Jespers in the board of directors.
The artistic advisory board consists in 2022-2023 of writer and curator Yann Chateigné Tytelman and artists Helen Dowling, Julia Dahee Hong, Angie Keefer and Tomasz Kowalski. The members of this selection and reflection committee are also artistic mentors for the residents.