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Lou Cocody-Valentino, research for video, Martinique, March 2023
Alex Schuurbiers, Ping, Tranås, July '23, 2023
Astrid Vandercamere, I Have Dozens of Moms: Making Family with Fiction, Lecture-performance, Presented at: FAME festival 2023, Brussels
Paloma Bouhana, Tap Dancing, 2022, Lecture-performance
Laure Severac, Postcard sent to Alix, August 2023
Angyvir Padilla, Virgy's Boutique, Presented at: IKOB, Eupen, 2023, Image: Lola Pertsowsky
Miles Fischler, Stone Plot, 2022, digital photograph
Goda Palekaitė, Eye Dust: An Adaptation of a Novel to Come, Presented at: Beursschouwburg, Brussels, 2023, Image: Mariana Machado
Hannah Todt, Whistles, 2023, Acorn hats, nut shells, plastic and metal


Participants Development Residency 2024-25

Open call

Rituals for the Living Present – Development Residency 2024-2025

☼ Cycle 1 (February-June 2024) ☼

Lou Cocody-Valentino
Alex Schuurbiers
Astrid Vandercamere

Lou will work on an installation composed of dyed textiles, forgotten or discarded from intimate and domestic spaces and reworked by experimenting with plants and other organic pigments, and a video using footage from her recent trip to Martinique, focusing on gestures, textures and her ritual of returning to the sea.

Alex will work on a short experimental documentary about voice and silencing, intertwining tales of resilience of women across generations and places, and a filmic portrait of a Chinese immigrant and her daughter in Sweden, finding ways to connect to each other and their heritage through culinary traditions and artistic practices.

Astrid will work on a speculative text, taking the form of an edition and/or a video piece, exploring ritual as a tool for creating environments that inspire the encounter of new species and new forms of interaction, using the figure of the extraterrestrial as a metaphor and questioning our intimate and collective relationship to the concept of a post-nuclear future.

☼ Cycle 2 (August-December 2024) ☼

Paloma Bouhana
Leen Hammenecker & Rosa Schützendorf
Angyvir Padilla

Paloma will work on the creation of an economically abnormal work song, a chant celebrating the creative unemployable. With the dematerialisation of labour and post-workerism what does the “multitude” of welfare recipients, non-workers, inactive and paperless artists sing in its process of becoming?

Leen and Rosa will work on holding a communal space for the interdependence of the living and the dead, to take care of any crossing forms that came and will come into being after the sudden death of their beloved friend and artist Laure Severac, by inviting the people and practices she lovingly connected to herself, and now connects with each other.

Angyvir will work on various material experiments and performative gestures that transform simple actions into powerful symbols, including the constructive and destructive processes of clay work, channeling personal memories and animistic reverence in domestic spaces and objects, and inducing trance-like experiences with sound and voices.

☼ Cycle 3 (February-June 2025) ☼

Miles Fischler
Goda Palekaite
Hannah Todt

Miles will work on collecting notes, sound recordings and (moving) images on the fraught subject of death and its particular connection to creativity, and more specifically around the concept of human composting, by setting up conversations with artisans and artists involved in death care and the ecology of burials and funerals.

Goda will work on a performance script featuring the voices of historical characters and fictional dishes in collaboration with her brother, artist and chef Jonas Palekas, and on an artist novel in which she explores the methodology of sharing facts, dreams, gossip and food around issues ranging from our feminist ancestors to the false promises of modern science.

Hannah will work on polyphonic sound performances using the hidden sonic qualities of materials and a modular structure of steel tubes, which can be played like flutes and installed in different shapes, sizes and contexts, conceived as an invitation to remain in a state of becoming and a reflection on the ways we assign value.