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New team members

In the last few months, our team became complete once again with the arrival of Lina Ejdaa and Ingrid van Samang. They are already unmissable forces who always put artists first.

Lina Ejdaa takes up the role of artistic coordinator, ensuring the smooth sailing of our residency and studio programmes and supporting new artistic initiatives.

Lina was studying art history when she founded the art space Box 22 with Sam Druant, where she organised exhibitions with artists for the first time. She wrote her thesis about transgression in performance art in the 1980s and then went to work as an artistic and administrative assistant at NICC. During this time, she remained active as a freelance curator. Together with 15 other artists, she also founded Atelier FAAR, a collective that provides studio spaces.

Ingrid van Samang is responsible for administration and keeps the order of our financial household. She is also irresistible in obtaining sponsor deals.

Ingrid studied social agogic work and cultural management. She dedicated her thesis to how the arts field deals with ecology and sustainability and went on to write texts and coordinate projects about this subject at Vlaams Theater Instituut. Prior to joining MORPHO, she worked for more than ten years at De Studio in Antwerp as finance, accounting and hospitality manager.

A toast to many years and valuable work together!