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Esther Mugambi, Sarah van Lamsweerde & Laura Batistella, Image: Anne Reijniers
Anne Reijniers & Eline De Clercq
Imge Özbilge
Youniss, Image: Adel Setta
Naga Ghost, Image: Vibe Stalpaert
Oleksandr Sirous


July in the monastery garden

Public programme

Every last weekend of the summer months of June, July, August and September, our green monastery garden comes to life. Together with Kunsthal Extra City and many other partners, we put together a diverse programme of performances, workshops, film screenings, brunches, concerts, artist talks, ... You can read the July programme below.

☼ 29.07.2022 ☼

20:00 - Youniss, How Will it End?

Youniss presents a musical, spoken, visual performance that reflects on how to perform as a performer of colour in spaces occupied by White People. (Until 20:30)

21:00 - Naga Ghost, Summer Sessions

Naga Ghost is Christophe Claeys (Amatorski) and Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty) together with Joris Caluwaerts. Their indietronica arises from improvisations in which they push the boundaries of each other's musical spectrum.ㅤ(Until 22:00)

☼ 30.07.2022 ☼

11:00 - Baya Collective, Candied Conversations

Baya Collective invites you to join them at a rich table where stories are woven into meals. (Until 14:00, register here)

14:00 - Kinga Jaczewska, In Search of Bodily Expression

Dancer-choreographer Kinga Jaczewska presents a +16 movement workshop with the aim of activating awareness of your body. (Until 16:00, register here)

16:00 - Imge Özbilge, Watering the Seraphim

Artist Imge Özbilge introduces you to her world of mythology and illumination. Her talk will be followed by a linoleum printing workshop that will initiate you into her figurative universe. (Until 18:00, register here)

20:00 - Esther Mugambi, Sarah van Lamsweerde & Laura Battistella, Sore Spot Songs.

This garden concert is a compilation of Sore Spot songs and stories collected by the artists over the past four years, which share and heal painful experiences (the 'sore spots') in a city through frequencies. (Until 21:00)

21:30 - Anne Reijniers & Eline De Clercq, Gesamthof/A Lesbian Garden

Artist-gardeners Anne Reijniers and Eline De Clercq present a short film about the Gesamthof, an artistic project that grows and blossoms in the monastery garden. The short film gives an insight into this unique botanical universe. (Until 22:30)

☼ 31.07.2022 ☼

14:00 - Kinga Jaczewska, Can your hand become a paw and your nose an elephant's trunk?

Dancer-choreographer Kinga Jaczewska organises a movement workshop for children aged between 8 and 14, which will involve yoga and body expression in a playful manner. (Until 15:00, register here)

14:00 - Guided visit to Kunsthal Extra City

16:00 - Oleksandr Sirous, Unstable Connections.

Media artist Oleksandr Sirous presents an audiovisual performance in which he plays with the culture and mechanisms of video games and their new rules of interaction. (Until 18:00)


In the monastery garden of MORPHO & Kunsthal Extra City, via Provinciestraat 112.


Included with the purchase of a regular entrance ticket at Extra City.